Dead grouper red tide
red tide

Red tide ft myers

This last summer i saw the worst red tide ever to hit the west coast, ft myers. Dead fish mounds in every corner of the beach. The smell of dead fish polluted the air making people sick. ” The most common human health problems associated with red tides and other harmful algae blooms are various types of gastrointestinal, respiratory, and neurological disorders. The natural toxins in harmful algae can cause several different illnesses” According to

Algae bloom of dinoflagellates causing red tide, California, USA. Mark Conlin/Oxford Scientific/Getty

Here is a huge dead snook affected by red tide.

Snook dies red tide
Red tide kills snook
Snook red tide
Dead snook red tide

Dead horseshoe crab.

Red tide kills horsehoe crabs
Horseshoe crabs die red tide

This giant Goliath grouper died under the ft Myers peer.

Goliath grouper dies red tide
Red tide kills goliath

This grouper died from red tide

Red tide kills grouper
Grouper dies red tide

These cat fish had no chance with red tide.

Red tide kills all catfish
Catfish die from red tide

Dead spanish mackerel affected by red tide.

Spanish mackerel dies red tide
Red tide kills spanish mackerel

Sheaps head dead

Red tide kill sheeps head

Dead eels elsewhere.

Dead speckled trout.

Trout dies red tide
Red tide kill trout

Dead baitfish. This is threadfin hearing that was affected by red tide.

Thread fin hearing dies red tide
Red tide kill hearing

This is absolutely the worst red tide to ever hit the west coast of florida.