Saltwater fishing gear

10 Best Reels for Saltwater Fishing

One of the most important things to consider when fishing in saltwater is choosing a quality reel. The best reels for saltwater fishing are made of durable materials that can resist corrosion, such as aluminum, stainless steel or graphite.

Choosing the best fishing reel size for saltwater fishing is very important as well. Having many different sizes to choose from, you want to make sure that the reel will fit your hand comfortably and not be too heavy or cumbersome while casting. The best option is usually a mid-sized fishing reel that has just enough weight without being too bulky, used for both inshore and outshore fishing.

What makes a good quality saltwater reel?

A good quality reel will also have sealed bearings to keep out the saltwater.


  • Best fishing reels for saltwater should have a smooth drag system that will allow you to slowly reel in your catch without breaking your line. A good drag system can make the difference between landing your dream catch or losing it.

Spool size

  • The spool size of your reel is also important when fishing in deep saltwater. A large spool will hold more line, which is necessary when casting for larger fish. Conversely, a smaller spool will provide more torque and allow you to reel in fish faster.

Best Reels for Saltwater Fishing

Below are some of the best reels for saltwater fishing that you can find on the market today:

The Daiwa BG Series Saltwater Spinning Reel

Daiwa BG2000 BG Saltwater fishing Reel

The Daiwa BG2000 Saltwater Spinning Reel is a tough reel, perfect for anglers who demand the best. From its Hard body and side cover to its over-sized Digigear system, this reel is designed to handle whatever you can throw at it. The Solid Screw-In Handle provides a secure grip even when wet, and with a gear ratio of 5.6:1, the Daiwa BG2000 can handle heavy loads with ease. The Waterproof Drag System ensures smooth operation even in harsh conditions, while the Carbon ATD helps reduce line breakage. J-BRAID line is ready to go on the ABS spool, and with a drag max of 4.4 lbs. Check Price