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Where to land fish in key largo

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Being raised in Miami and the Florida keys ( key largo ) has its advantages when it comes to land fishing.  In the old days before the center medium on the us1 20 mile stretch, you were able to fish the sides exposed to water. But today with the center medium and fence they put up it is impossible to fish there non the less it’s illegal by the FDOT.

Over the years coming and going to key largo iv’e run into some great land fishing spots. One good spot is under the jew fish creek bridge. you can either go to the marina side or Gilbert’s resort side. I prefer Gilbert’s resort side as you can cast you’re line near the pilings and mangrove’s. The picture below shows the areas you can fish, on Gilbert’s resort, dock or under either side of the bridge.Where to land fish in keylargo

The best bait to use at this spot is live shrimp when in season. Dead shrimp works, but live shrimp is best. Silver sides, thread herring, ballyhoo all work good at this spot.

the type of fish caught here are snook, mangrove snapper, permit and wherever else rolls by in the channel.

Night time fishing here yields bigger mangrove snapper and more snook bites. Make sure to bring plenty of mosquito repellent, especially if you come at night. Mosquito’s here can be unforgiving if your not armed with mosquito spray.

Where to land fish in key largo
Jewish creek land fishing spot key largo

A little trail.

land fishing spots key largo
land fishing spots key largo

This is a great spot i use to fish and catch a ton of mangrove snapper and snook.

This is a good fishing spot

Different view