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 Saltwater Fishing in The Florida Keys


A Key West 1720, docked near The Caribbean Club in Key Largo, Florida

A humble and loyal Key West 1720 armed with a 90 hp Yamaha, sits in a classic Key Largo canal waiting for her day’s adventure. I use a Hummingbird Helix 10 gen3  GPS to navigate her through the waters of the Florida Keys; Always looking for a new honey hole to fish in.

I’ve been exploring the Keys for twenty-five years and fishing from it’s bay waters for even longer. Over the years I have discovered many fishing spots like Rattlesnake Key or even the channel leading into Largo Sound. Roaming through Lake Surprise and Blackwater Sound has also led to countless days and nights of successful fishing. The kind of nights that every fisherman dreams of having. There is nothing like the still, calm waters of the bay in the late evening. That is when the snappers come out to play, if you’re patient. My specialty is fishing Mangrove snapper, but I enjoy the occasional battle with a Snook, Permit, Red fish or Speckled trout. I was recently challenged by the largest Permit I have ever wrestled with. This entanglement occurred late at night at the mouth of the channel leading out of Blackwater Sound, near Marker FL6S. Had it not been for the mangroves that banked both sides of the channel, and my special rig, I surely would of lost it. Those are the kind of nights best shared with others and luckily my favorite fishing buddy, my girlfriend, was there to witness this feat.

Sharing my passion for fishing with others and instilling in them the same love for the ocean I have is rewarding in of in itself, but having the opportunity to take my closest friends and family out to enjoy fishing is the real reward. Like any other sport it is often best enjoyed in the company of other like minded individuals. Not to discredit the benefits of a quiet, solo fishing trip to soothe the spirit. I may not charter, but I spend many weekends taking people out to spend a day fishing and exploring all that The Florida Keys’ waters have to offer.